Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 + 1 things you'll hate about me

Heh, basically there's a lot of 'things' you'll hate me to death if you ever know..Buruk punya perangai. Because a lot of other people outside (not including my sissy sista-you know-who) might mistaken me for being "soooo baik" face betul...ewwwww....You'd just being punked people...

1.If I'm asleep or in a midst of sleeping, don't you EVER make A single noise...If not, I'd become evil monster and going to scream at your face...Heheeeee...In a short word, don't disturb this sleeping beauty while she's sleeping... (sesiapa yang selalu terkena, mintak ampunnn...)

2. My food is my food. Jangan kacau please..!!!! I'm particulary stinky when it comes to food, but money wise, I'm not..You can pau my money but not my food. Hohohohoh~

3. When I'm mad, I'm not going to curse but instead I'll be in a silent mod. You know when I'm mad by just having  a glance of my face expression. It's as sour as lime. I'm not a pro at masking my feelings.

4. So clumsy. This is my forte. Forgetful to be exact. Always forget the last place  I put something (esp. my another pair of eyes) and then have to search like mad women and ask my sister to search it too...She knows that too well  her along is so forgetfull....

5. Throwing tantrums when I can't find the things that I'm serching for. Habis gedebak-gedebuk almari aku kerjakan , punggah almari semata-mata nak cari barang hilang (contoh, my fav tudung/baju) sambil salahkan orang yang alihkan tudung/baju. But in the end, benda yang dicari sebenarnya dekat tempat lain..Pergh, angin weh...

6. For not being peramah. I'm not pendiam kind of girl, but I'm not also that peramah.First impression people might think of me when they don't even know me : "Muka sombong gila dow"  @ "Bajet ah tuu"...What am I supposed to do!!!

7. I'll silent my hp when I'm feeling not to answer or replying any messages or a call....When I'm not feeling to talk, I won't answer the call. When I'm not in the mood to reply the sms, I won't do.

8. Masa kecik-kecik (zaman tak fikir guna otak, instead fikir guna kepala lutut) agak nakal jugak.Errrr, quite loud , plus suka menjawab bila kena marah. Aku tak tau berapa banyak kali aku buat  mama and ayah kecil hati. Bila kena marah, masuk bilik hempas pintu. Jahat kan?? Lepas tu mintak maaf balik dengan tulis surat. Senang cerita aku dulu dengan aku sekarang amatlah berbeza..Bezanya, I'm less loud and keep thing to my self and jadi baik 'sikit' lah...

9. Tahap kesabaran senipis kulit bawang. That explains why I always defeated in many way. Always want express result with minimal effort.

10. Social recluse. I need  my space as much as other people need it. I'm best alone, and when I need a company, I'll see you. When, I'm not, I'll be invisible. Please don't get hurt because I just need  time alone.

11. Affection disorder. Hardly showing some affection. Unexpressive. Maybe, I'll opt for using telepathy instead. If there is any laa..

See, I've warn you..
I'm that bad.

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