Sunday, May 31, 2015

See You Soon

I have never want something so bad, like now.

I'm going to work super duper hard and nail it this time In Sha Allah.


2015 in a nutshell?

> A beautiful mess

Stuff happened. A LOT.

I got sick late December 2014 ,
Operation procedure on January 2015,
Still On medication for 9 month,
After 2 month resting, Start a job then to find it's not my calling (same shit all over again), when I'm not 100% healed yet physically due to operation procedure, I am still in pain even now
Now stressing out to  Stop the job, A sales job with which I have not close anything yet. Stress!
Yeah I know I am hasty.
And now I am resting summore.

Moneyless sure sucks. And jobless, and an  illness to be bear with.
I hate my life now.
Feeling defeated but not gonna giving up on myself.

Please excuses my depressed entry,
I really need to vent out.


Life is beautiful.