Thursday, July 2, 2015

no idea

Aku nak menulis. Tapi tiada idea.
Rasa macam wow bekunya otak.

Trials, stuff happens.
We hope and dream and then thunder came in and crush our dream and hope.

Itulah kehidupan agaknya. Untuk diriku versi ke 26 tahun.

Aku tarik nafas panjang-panjang dan katakan pada diriku versi ke 26 tahun.

This is nothing, ujian ni khas utk diriku, tailored just for me sent from the almighty high above the sky.

Kanak2 pelarian rohingya itu lagi susah dari diriku. Kasihan mereka.

Hard time shall pass.

This is life.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

See You Soon

I have never want something so bad, like now.

I'm going to work super duper hard and nail it this time In Sha Allah.


2015 in a nutshell?

> A beautiful mess

Stuff happened. A LOT.

I got sick late December 2014 ,
Operation procedure on January 2015,
Still On medication for 9 month,
After 2 month resting, Start a job then to find it's not my calling (same shit all over again), when I'm not 100% healed yet physically due to operation procedure, I am still in pain even now
Now stressing out to  Stop the job, A sales job with which I have not close anything yet. Stress!
Yeah I know I am hasty.
And now I am resting summore.

Moneyless sure sucks. And jobless, and an  illness to be bear with.
I hate my life now.
Feeling defeated but not gonna giving up on myself.

Please excuses my depressed entry,
I really need to vent out.


Life is beautiful.