Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living with a disorder, take it or leave it

Aku fikir dan rasa, aku adalah seorang yang mempunyai ADHD / ADD...
Nak tahu apa itu? Pergi google sendiri.
Kenapa baru sedar?
Sebab aku baca The Star (28 sept 2011) yang dah lama-lama semalam then, terbaca pasal ADHD/ADD diorder..
Peh, asal macam aku je  ni?

Symptoms of ADD (taken here):

Do you.....

  • get distracted easily? Yes. Sangat.

  • have difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time? Yes

  • tend to be disorganized? Kalau buat jadual pun, aku tak akan ikut. Haha~Sebab tu tak pernah ada jadual belajar.

  • have a hard time focusing or paying attention during conversations, listening to others, or while reading?Yes yes yes..but when it comes to reading books that i like, i'll be concentrating 100%. Faham tak, aku akan tumpukan perhatian pada benda yan aku suka sahaja. Kadang-kadang aku tak faham apa yg orang try cakap dengan aku, then angguk-angguk je.Itu kalau kes dah malas nak kasi attention la.

  • often forget things like appointments or obligations?Tak juga, Setakat ni kalau aku try fokus untuk 'ingat' dan make 'effort', it'll be okay..tak pernah lagilah tertinggal flight setakat ni.. :D

  • have trouble following directions that have multiple steps? Sometimes. Kena faham betul-betul. Again, fokus.

  • have difficulty starting and finishing projects? starting something is  the hardest, unless kalau dah terpaksa atau kena dipaksa.

  • tend to procrastinate?Sangat. Bahaya because it leads to stress soon. Aku akan buat apa yang aku suka je. Haish..pelikkan. Benda yang tak suka, ditched macam tu je. Macam, kalau aku tak suka certain subjek, aku akan make less effort, procrastinate bila nak study ..then boom, failed..padan muka!

  • have trouble prioritizing information?Yes. Jadi overwhelm.

  • get impatient easily?Big YES.

  • often feel restless and antsy? Not sure..

  • lose track of time and have trouble with time management?Big YES. Ada ke sesiapa yag pandai manage?Tell me..

  • often misplace or have difficulty finding things at home or at work?YES YES YES. All small stuff yang tak berapa penting, macam specs, brooch,wallet, handphone, dan perkara-perkara yang tak penting..selalu sangat.

  • act before thinking through consequences? Tak fikir panjang. Impulsive. But, kalau shopping, i'll make a to-buy-list..

  • speak or blurt out before thinking about the impact your words will have on others?Errr, yes. Sebab tu aku tend tak cakap banyak dah sebab takut orang lain terasa. Terus jadi 'pemalas' nak cakap. Hmmm..

  • tend to have lots of racing thoughts? YES.

  • get bored easily?Sangat. YES. Cepat bosan dan cepat excited.Sebab tu aku tak boleh buat benda yang sama setiap hari, situasi yang sama, perkara yang sama. Nanti stress.Haha. Mengada-ngada..

  • tend to make careless mistakes when you have to work on a tedious or difficult project?Careless bila tak fokus. Kalau aku fokus, boleh je. Tapi penat laa..

  • take risks frequently? Emm, Tak juga.Penakut.. :D

  • Adults with ADHD tend to rely on their gut feelings. This may also explain why so many counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, pastors, and priests have adult ADHD. True, i don't do logic much but rely more on my gut and feelings. Hah, patutlah tak leh ngan dengan science and all..

  • Adults with ADHD also tend to be very intelligent, even if they don't always score well on IQ tests. The problem is that adults with the disorder become bored very easily. If that online IQ test isn't absolutely captivating or fascinating, you're likely to turn off your computer.  Super true.

  • Entahlah. Aku terbaca dan sebelum ni tak pernah terfikir pasal ni semua. Tapi bila ter 'encounter' benda ni, macam betul juga. Cuma tak pergi 'sah' kan dekat sepecialist saja lah. But ,'s true.  I'm more to inattentiveness and impulsive.

    ADDers tend to need time alone in a day at least, without distractions and interruptions..True. We need our space. I think, that's the thing that makes me suck in relationship and all.  Because i need my space so much that i put people i love in the corner. When i feel like bonding, i'll be. When i feel like i need to space out, then i'll be. Oh my, teruknya...

    That's explains why i hate to be in crowded place, crowded with people talking at a time ,dalam masa yang panjang. Aku lebih selesa untuk mingle dalam suasana yang tenang where i can just focus on that particular person.

    Yes, it's super true that i need 'my space' alone. That's where people might think i'm effin selfish but hey, it's just me being myself.

    And ADDers is mostly talented in certain things and that justify why they are not excell in the filed that they could not tolerate. The focus in stuff they like the most.

    I guess that explains a lot why i'm acting the way i'm now.
    And i guess, positive thinking has done good thing to me all this while. Yup, sometimes we tend to dwell in negative vibe but i tried as much as i could to think straight and it's okay to feel bad sometimes.

    Oh ya, 
    Jamie oliver pun seorang ADHDers. Patulah hyper semacam dalam tv. Boleh nampakkan macam mana 'excited' dan tahap energy dia when he cooks. So passionate. Because ADHD/ADDers needs to keep moving and when they focus on something (they love),they'll pour all their energy into accomplishing the task at hand.

    I think i'm just a minor.

    Annoying sister, do you think i'm okay? Sorry if i ever hurt you when sometimes you talk, i don't  seem  to listen. Haha~now i have excuess not to listen.

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