Friday, September 28, 2012

Girly girl

I guess I'm becoming one.
Starting to be.
Ok.Tak lawak.

Like seriously, I need a blusher brush. Ehemm..Sejak bila pakai blusher ni?? Haha.Instead of investing Rm15 for one stick of brush, why don't just I invest on eyebrow,eyeshadow,lips brush kan? Dah tak payah pening2 nak beli lain. Rm 25 sahaja.

This thang will be needed to finish off ze makeup. Haha..spray sahaja..Nie adik yang ajar pakai. Sepatutnya kakak yang kena ajar adik make-up, tapi, my sis is just 16.

Still, stay true to yourself.
Stay positive.
With or without make up, love yourself and embrace your flaws. Of zits and blemishes , and those acne scars.
Be whole, and hold on to your self value!

Keep calm & put your make up on girls!!

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