Thursday, November 15, 2012


We don't really know ourselves that much until 'something' happens and tadaaa...

Oh, aku memang macam ni eh?


I was in a middle of giving a 'good bye' speech.

"Saya mengambil kesempatan ini..bla bla bla...terima kasih...bla bla bla...cikgu-cikgu, murid-murid bla bla bla.."

"Saya juga nak minta maaf-------"

Stop. The words 'minta maaf' seems to froze me and makes me just wanna cry. I just can't continue my so called speech.

Haha. Lawak la.

10 saat.


Sebak. Semua diam, the highlight was still on me.

10 saat.

Ok, finally I finished it off jugak. Phewww. Mata dah bergenang ni.

Lol. Am I that cengeng? Why am I acting that way? Malu la wei. Perkara ni tak dirancang pun. Tak tahu pun yang aku kena bagi speech semua on my last day at school. Semua ni random je. I thought I am too cool to handle this. Padahal...


I wasn't that sad to leave the school honestly , but it seems that I'm being so emotional.

It's the sign that I'm getting older and become more emotional. Haha. Takpayah lah nak act cool sangat kan.

Crying is the last thing that I would do. But yeah, my heart seems can't hold it anymore.


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