Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello 2014!

Hai! Hari ini 22.1.2014 dan masih tak lambat lagi kan nak ucapkan happy new year. Last year (2013) we celebrate at Malaysian Residence in Amman. No fireworks no nothing except for a cold weather. Heh. Tak ada official 'celebration' pun. Makan-makan je dengan few family and catching up stuff between us. I would rather celebrate it at home though (anti-social alert!!), mana pernah celebrate new year pun sebelum ni.
Anyways, this year, 2014 is going to be 'MY YEAR' haha..In Sha Allah. I got a little plan in hands and yeah. It's time work on it. No new year 'resolution' no more, it shouldn't exist. I think, if you wanna achieve something, get something, you gotta work on it. Anything. Don't have to wait for that 'new year' to kick-in to be able to achieve your dreams. Lets do this!
Okay, enough of my little 'motivational-speech'. ;)
So, one of the things I've been working on this year  is 'running'. Yeah. I am going to join 10K marathon next April here in Jordan. Dead Sea Marathon. So now tengah gigih berlari despite of cold weather (average 16 degree). I run indoor sekarang, on treadmill. I am not a runner before. Never. I hate running so badly I still remember I have a hard time even running for 30 sec. Pancit!!  Haha. Kalau kena merentas desa time sekolah dulu menyumpah-nyumpah tak suka. Before this adalah 'kata' nak join marathon races kat Malaysia, tapi haram. Cakap je lebih tapi tak nak practice pon.
I don't know, this year I want to do something different and challenging for myself. I want to crushed my fear, crushed my doubts. I want to crushed it so badly and prove myself wrong. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to get it. I want to have that kind of attitude, and slowly start to work on it. There's sure tons of things I can learn from this journey, hopefully In Sha Allah.
Alrite sayang!!! Kita lari sama-sama okeh..I wish this is trueee..*drooling*. Hahahaha...berangan weh.
Few are my running evidence. Ini sebahagian yang Berjaya di capture. On  earlier run, tak teringat pun nak capture.
4.20min Running + Elliptical. I still remember this day when my calves hurt so much it's hard to run. I want to quit. Keep telling my self to run if I can and then walk. Run and walk. Untill 20:00. Then I added up 10 min on elliptical. Pheww. I am glad I didn't give up so soon.

Running Mantra.

Oh ya, I run 4 x per week. Alternate with strength training. and yeah never ever forget to REST. Super important. The last thing you wanna do is to get injured.
Till then,


karenontheshore said...

Miss u

And good luck bebeh!

Hannah Haykhall said...

hey colah,
me miss you too babe,
oh my, hope everything is good there yeah..