Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hello February

Ahh..nothing fancy to be told here. And now dah masuk 2 bulan di sini.
I missed wan atok and semua back then. All the extended fam. And ze best of friends. The telco line sucks here ahhhhhhh..payah la nak faham how it works and the notification keep coming in arabic. Baru top up 5Jd next few days topup gone already.  What the..??Org lain punya hp ok jeee..ahhhh geram terus malas nak topup.
Ahh I missed Malaysia already.
I crave for sushiiiiiiiiiii right nowww. Sini mahal kot.
And I want to have nasi kerabu please.
Dua je. Sushi and nasi kerabu. Haha. Benda lain tak kesah.
Now I cannot drive, because I am not entitled for diplomatic id whilst my mum car is registered under diplomatic car, ahhhhh  cannot go anywhere anytime. Lagipun driving here, kena bnyk mengucap dulu..haha. kena bnyk bersabar dan skilled.  If you think Malaysian driver teruk, meh try drive sini..haha.

Sekian aduan rakyat yang jauh di perantauan.


dieya said...

alahai kesiannya. i hope all will get better with time. lama2 nanti oklah. enjoy your time abroad. tak ramai org dpt peluang ni. keep calm and have fun, wherever you are!

Hannah Haykhall said...


ohhh thanks kak dieya. haha. yes, keep calm and have fun..

yeah,I am one lucky girl and couldn't ask for more. Alhamdullilah.