Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fall Into Place, The Apartment

Lyrics to Fall Into Place :
So penniless for a dream
I hope I get by today
I want to get to the truth
And learn how to gray

So penniless for a dream
It's not living in St Tropez
But I wonder if what you wish for
Will fall into place

Du du du du du du dudu du dudu
Fall into Place

I'm struggling just to see
Amount to better ways
What's possibly meant to be
Was probably meant for me

It's never been on a plate
Well it's never been on a plate
So mother I hope that I
Will fall into place.

Happy song + vibe for happy people.
This is FIFA 08 theme song, but I found out this
in Chuck Season 1 Episode 4..
Just love em instantly..


azureEn said...

mama ke..? =P

laen kali dtg blog orang sila bagi introduction k. kang ak ingat alien plak. haha

Hannah Haykhall said...

okokokok, jap g aku wat introduction..