Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's just caught my attention-------->Parenting Issues

Omj Omj..
Is that a sign
Or even a cue that I should 'ehem'..ala, you know la kannn...*bunyik kompang plizzzz*
Nooooooooooo....Not yet....

Just now (on my flight back  home),
I read leftover news paper that happen to be somebody elses at the front pocket of the seat.
And read  the whole paper throughout  1 hour 45 minutes  flight. Ah may zingggg!!! *this could be a dream*
Minus with the lights-off and some turbulence that poking in between , mind you...
And I couldn't even read the inflight magazine because my time was too occupied by reading the paper.

And something caught my attention that I secretly take one of the pages  back home..
Huahuahua..Ah, never did I know, I could just google it up and post it here.
Nevermind, I'll just copy pasta the article here..

I AGREE with counsellor Abd Aziz Mahyuddin ("Being a father" -- NST, March 20) that fathers need to make time to improve their relationship and communication with their offspring.
However, I disagree with him that fathers need to attend report card days to discuss their kids' progress with teachers.

Instead, fathers should monitor their academic progress daily and discuss with their teachers whenever the need arises.

Being a father of two well-behaved children, I not only spend quality time with them daily but have also home-schooled them for 15 years.

I not only patiently nurtured them into diligent young adults but also inspired them on the importance of learning.

Parents are the first and most important teachers of their offspring, especially in the initial five years.

Unfortunately, many parents tend to overlook the importance of these crucial years that form their children's behaviour, character and wisdom. They determine their academic success or failure.

There are also umpteen parents who expect teachers to possess all the rehabilitation skills to turn their children around, even under the most challenging of circumstances.

Such parents can become very defensive and confrontational when their children are reprimanded by school authorities for misbehaviour.

Children of parents who have consistently put in good efforts to nurture and guide their children properly would be rewarded with impressive academic results and good behaviour.

They need not worry that their kids would be the ones blacklisted as delinquent students in school, nor would they need to send them to all the best tuition centres in town to enable them to fare well in their exams.

My children have always tried to find every single opportunity to impress my wife and me in their behaviour, especially in academic pursuits.

In 2009, my daughter studied diligently to make her country proud by achieving world ranking in her British accountancy exams through self-study.

She achieved the fourth and eighth highest marks worldwide in her Chartered Institute of Management Accountants managerial-level exam and passed the strategic level last year.

I believe my children were given a sufficient foundation during their formative age. Thus, they are able to study effectively and make learning interesting and motivating.

Along the way, I had not overlooked to inculcate in them the value of a strong determination to face challenges.

Intelligence alone is insufficient to withstand and overcome pressures and obstacles.-yes, true indeed!!

They are like any other children who will experience challenges and difficulties in their studies, especially under a self-study environment where solutions don't come easy.

They need to possess strong determination and the right wisdom to find proper solutions to their study problems.

On the flip side, they learn to become more creative and determined to solve problems.

As parents, we have to equip ourselves with not only enough discipline to spend quality time with our children regularly, but also the right wisdom to guide them to move ahead.

PATRICK TEH, Ipoh, Perak

Spark a light bulb in my dark skull.

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