Friday, May 6, 2011

Everything's going to be okay!!!

Masih terngiang-ngiang frasa "everything's going to be okay" tatkala mata mahu lelap pagi tadi. Dalam diam ,aku tak henti henti repharase those words. Make a mental note to my own self that "everything's going to be okay". Sampai lah mata terlelap. Dalam pada itu juga bila aku bangun dari lena, those words keeps coming to me.."everything's going to be okay"...Wow, how positive affirmations can change my way of thinking.

Strange.But I feel holy. "holy" seems too strong.Ia lebih kepada rasa tenang and in control despite kecelaruan minda yang melanda aku. Catching datelines and study and personal stuff messing around me...It's the normal problems for people at this age right?

Now, I want to view everything that happen to me has a reason for it to happen. No events is bad or good. They are here to teach me a lesson. That's it.

I hope, those who are in problems, troubles, rasa susah hati gundah gulana, please keep in your mind "everything's going to be okay"..Keep chanting this mantra dengan yakin dan Insya Allah, at least it could ease up the pain a little bit. Maybe there'll be light in the end of the dark tunnels, who knows right..?

Smile in every single moment. Feel that your whole body is smiling too.

Gratitude Notes:
1. I woke up and find my self kicking and still alive
2. I can see, touch, smell, taste, hear. What a bless~
3. I'm at my healthiest peak . No pain. Not on a medication.
4. I have a mum and a dad that I could turn on too.
5. I choose to change my thoughts and embrace good positive things.

P/S: Still, I have not finished yet my thesis. Sobs, arghhhhh I boroke my promise. huahuahua.....


Dammit said...

"Everything's going to be ok" - cakap dekat diri sendiri. Sangat perlukan positive vibe ni sekarang. goodluck dengan thesis :)

Hannah Haykhall said...

how karma hits me back lah now..i need it too. deeply need to be as positive as i can. cos i'm in deep trouble.NOW.

thanks for your wish. doa2 kan lah ye..