Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Silent Encounter

My Silent Encounter
we sat opposite each other
not knowing the other's destination.
you looked like an angel,
flawless skin,
thin pink lips,
flowing hair without gravity.
i smiled a little not knowing where to,
then reluctantly looked away.

your frames,
hooked faithfully on your bridge,
but i have to say,
your shirt seemed too big,
could they be hiding your wings?
could it be underneath your deep blue shirt?

i tried,
i really did try,
but i could not stop myself,
from stealing glimpses of you.
how could i?
but how could you wrong me,
where else should i look,
if not straight ahead?

that's not a crime,
not a crime to look straight ahead, no.
but you my dear,
yes, you know you were wrong.
not because we interlocked,
neither because you hid your smile.

as he entered the train,
i had already noticed the uniqueness,
you took awhile,
only once he sat beside me.
the trojan was an eye-catcher,
the blonde made it attention seeking,
yet you my dear,
did not anyone tell you its not nice to stare?

so you were guilty,
of staring at him,
at his uniqueness of awkwardness,
and i caught you there and then,
if only i was a man in blue,
instead all i could do,
was laugh at the wide-eyed you.

i simmered down the laugh,
and smiled pleasantly,
as you shifted glances my way,
i could see it in your eyes,
the guilt of staring you realized,
yet could you not help yourself,
as i could not help myself,
holding back laughter in your view.

we parted ways,
how i wished we had not.
i'll still think of you,
and the fun we had,
or at least on my part alone,
and maybe we'll meet again.
maybe on the train again. 

First time reading this poem, immediately 'Again by Bruno Mars' rhymes up in my mind.
This sweet poem was written by Sharman.
Credit goes to him *clap clap clap*

P/S: Thanks Sharman!!


sharman said...

awwwww thanks! *senyum gila sewel*

Hannah Haykhall said...

hehehe..over lah sharman...