Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's over. Almost come to the finish line. Almost.
No more thesis thingy. *Phew!!!!*
The presentation is over (last wed).
Just got to do some many corrections.
Submit yang dah dibaiki isnin ni, then boleh proceed proses menjilid thesis.


I'm glad it's over, but...
Not just yet.

1 complementary english courses.
1 elective courses. (repeat). LOL.

And I can finish it by taking intersession at this moment.
And grad on time this October.

I refuse.

1. I want a break. Tolonglah. Tak larat dah nak duduk sini. I need one. So badly. My mind body and soul need a break. Missed my family, dumbell, home, car,bed, astro, lazy day, cinema outing with my sis, mixer................ *over  gila*

2. I might failed big time on one core subject. So, be prepared to start all over again. Demmit. The detail in those entry. Part 1 and Part 2

Somehow, bila tengok all my coursemate present their thesis and all so well meanwhile I was doing so so just by puting minimal effort, it makes me sad.
Wow, they really did well.

Being a loser again?

I didn't do well for a reason.
I knew it all.
I almost giving up halfway the journey. Almost at the edge.
But, I didn't stop. Thank God.
See, I win some and lose some.
This is not the end.
Just the beginning of something.

I preserve.
I learn from making mistakes.

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