Monday, August 15, 2011

Fake the cake


Nak dijadikan cerita, i bake cup cake today. First attempt. Eh, rasanya second. Before this pernah bake choc cuppies.

Excited terlebih.

I'm not a fan of cup cakes anyway.

Dah siap dibakar. 3 tray. Medium and small size cuppies. Btw, its carrot walnut cupcakes.

This is butter-icing sugar-cream cheese. That's for the frosting.

Dah siap di 'frost' with cream cheese.

Color disorder. Carrot sepatutnya warna oren. Tapi dah tersilap letak dalam piping bag. Duhhh~

Terus jadi corak caca marba. 

The verdict.
It was not the best cup cakes, honestly.
Punyalah excited merasa lepas berbuka tadi. But, sadly it didn't come out as fluffy as what i'd been imagine.

I didn't know that cupcakes could make one be too emotional.
Breaking point.
One things pile up after another leading to massive catastrophic.

I think i should just throw away all of them tomorrow if no one ever going to eat em.

And no, I ain't giving up.
Life is more than just an icing on a cake.


Anonymous said...


Hannah Haykhall said...

did you finished reading all of them?
"kek tak sedap"!!!!
Kenapa nak like pulak?

erine roslan said...

wow. i didnt even know how to make one.

should be proud with urself hannah. still got 15 more days left. sharpen ur skill now.

goodluck! ;)

Hannah Haykhall said...

kak erine,

thanks for your compliment. InsyaAllah, akan diperbaiki lagi mutu masakan,eheh.

Ala,akak pun boleh buat punye. Cube try satu dua recipe.Hehe...

Anonymous said...

Like sbb berani mencuba. Kn patut dpt LIKE tu :D Kn?
Blom try blom tahu, so experimenting is part of our life :D