Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Rascal

He is so sweet yet sometimes  gazillion-times annoyed me.

"When I wake up, you will not be here. Going to miss you" he said spontaneously while we were in car heading to his soccer practice.


hahahahahaha~(ketawa nak cover rasa terharu)

"Are sure?" I asked back.

He nodded. And gave me a big smile. You do know to touch my heartstrings . Auch~


"Please wake me up before you're leaving. I want to kiss your hand and say goodbye" he mentioned about it again. Then he said how he's going to miss me while I'm on the go for the next 4 month.

And before he sleeps that night, he kiss my hand (salam) for like 5 times. Overreact.

Sad to just leave him that morning ( 5 am), I didn't dare to 'kejut' him. Oh, I don't want to ever say goodbye because I know I'll be back. Soon.

Miss you  too my little rascal. I promise, we will be watching movies together when I get back home. Maybe not Cars 2, but another movies.

Love you. Always.

Oh ya, dia adik No.3. 

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