Thursday, November 24, 2011

You should know this

So now, I've made few changes. Ehem. In case you didn't notice.

#New url : (justification of the url-name ? random thoughts. Me = impulsive)

#New header (justification? random picture from my camera. I'm no good at editing + photshop-ing . Serious.)

Nothing fancy, really. It's just that things need to change.

The content? Same old same old. Merepek + Meroyan = Emosional. :D

Really, i think i need to write serious stuff, like world issues or sci-fi or book review, trolling people, politics, jokes...which are not my forte. All of them. Hands up. I'm not that serious. Seriously.

I'll do what I do best. Ya, writing random stuff. You don't  even have to use your analytical thinking while reading my  entries. Fret not. That's my promise. 

I can sensed that, one year form now this blog will be full covered with food recipe + food picture. And cooking tips. Okay, let's hope that's not going to happen. 

Till then, stay tune.

P/S : I can't sleep. Intoxicated by coffee . Sheesh.. I guess that pretty much explains the source of idea.

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