Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is going on?

Dear diary,

Today i skipped two classes. Just because i felt so lazy. No, im not lazy , i guess it's just that i felt so de-motivated.

You know, i  love my life but somehow i just felt there was something missing. And yeah, it's complicated.

I'm okay, but deep down i know i am not that okay.

Honestly, i skipped classes, and it's not fun .Guilty pleasure.

Ughh. And yeah, i am bad like that. In fact, you don't even know me, yet.

"Do everything without bitching"

It's like I'm trying to fill the gaping hole in my chest with good music and, I've been shuffling Oasis, Don't Go Away. Many times.

You know, I've been writing down of hopes and dreams for future but honestly I'm scared. Freakin scared.

Have i just second guess my self?

Cheer up, girl. Even if you've to fake it, then just do it.

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