Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Is this how it feels?
Just like a toy running out of a battery. I am.
Enough of that. Well, move on will you?

Macam kelakar pun iya juga. Never knew that there would be random people read out my crappy blog.
Err yes. I mean like, i write crap stuff. I used to and still doing that. So, that's kinda ironic. I think so. Whatever.
Still wondering.

Nak tulis something but, tak ada flow of ideas.

*fikir fikir fikir*

Converse All Star is the most comfortable shoes ever! haha..

*so lame, kan?*

I hardly cook anything now. I mean, healthy food. Oh, this is so bad and I'm doing bad things. Worst. Not that I don't know how to cook, but I just don't have the urge to cook one simple meal.


I missed my sister. Haha. I missed doing stupid jokes and then ketawa sorang-sorang.Go nuts togather.And sometimes we do have our own kind of war-fare. Berebut remote control. Berebut ipad. Berebut nak mandi. Berebut katil. Eventhough we're both on skype but we just felt that we can do 'telepathy'. Haha. Joking.Oh ya, nasib baik tak berebut boipren. And, she's getting better on her 'cooking skill' all thanks to Master Chef for giving her an inspiration. Haha..


I missed my other sweet sister too. Yang suka lagu Selena Gomez, yang sayang kucing, yang aku senyap-senyap de-list dia from following my blog. haha..sorry. Dan juga yang paling baik.


If only i'd go to pursue my dreams , i'd be 27 then. Now, I'm 22 and healthy. Wah, tahun depan dah 23? Ohh emm gee..Macam-tak-percaya-tapi-harus-percaya. Ok, it's just a number kan. Chill.


Ok, i fought (not literally fighting and all) cuma we have this kind of miscommunication. And and and, because of that, i felt so crap and bad and lost +ve ness. Oh~ Was it me?


I have no favourite. Of anything. Should find one.

This is so not serious.Oh, pernah ke serius selama ni?


Dammit said...

suka entri ni, taktau kenapa. haha.

Hannah Haykhall said...

haha.pelik la kamu ni.
ni entry merapu. time tak ada idea.time otak celaru.
thanks! :D