Saturday, March 24, 2012


# I just had a can of mocha. A good stress reliever.

# I heard a rumor. Running Man gonna come to Klcc next april! Wow oh wow. Nak pergi...I'm a fan yawww..

# It's hard to decide

# Bila ada tak rasa apa, bila hilang rasa...? I wish to vanish. Just go.

# Change is hard, and if your're prone to be so result oriented , it just suxx

# I feel like to mencarut these day. mencarut vocab are 'bodoh' and 'shit' . Haha. Dua tu je lah. I don't know why but everything seems to get into my nerve. It's ugly but yeah that's the fact. I feel bad though. Bad.

# You can't really hate someone you love. That's it.

# Last few weeks, aku rasa sakit dekat bahagian bahu.Especially time nak tidur. Not really that area sebab aku pun tak tahu sakit dekat mana, yang penting it hurts. Now, tekaan aku salah sebab when I exhale, I feel the pain inside my throat. Duhh..nak describe sakit kat mana pun tak reti dah.

# Inspiration, please come to me!

# Hate is a stong word. So, beware.

# I talk less now. Does that exhibit the sign of depression?

# Hmmm..

Please save your self.

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spitITout said...

p check kt hospital cpt2 sakit kau tuh.. afraid that akn smkin truk.

Hannah Haykhall said...

Haha, sebab di tak teruk lagi la aku malas nak amik pot. Hehe..malas laa..tengoklah mcm mana nanti..

spitITout said...

ish2... degil btul budak nih, nnti mlarat lgi susah, bhaya tau!

Hannah Haykhall said...

No worries, it's getting better.
Dah lama tak dgr org ckp aku degil. :)