Thursday, September 5, 2013

Because fit is the new skinny

# Who loves cardio? I am not a fan of em, so yeah. 15 minutes of ellepticall is suffice. *Boring*

# 10 minutes of (strength training) Tank top arms workout shoulders,arms and upper back workout, Fitnessblender channel. Thanks youtube!

#Squat like nobody business. It's fun and sexy good for we womenz! haha..and it's gonna hurt  (the workout aftermath)

#Screw the weighing scale. I no longer love you! The numbers are not the definition of my health. Screw skinny jeans *only wear one inside your abaya okay..teehee*

# You can't conceive ( having babies is 'rezki' from Allah after all) if you're unhealthy. Am I having babies now? Hell no. Kawin pun belum meh. But, it's part of the plan. Plan ahead of time. Plan for the future. 

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