Monday, February 7, 2011

Me against the world

Salam and good evening..

Oh la la la..I didn't know what to write and here i am trying to write something. Tomorrow going to be monday and the start of classes. Luckily this semester i just got 4 days of classes to attend and i'm free on friday. yee haa but not just yet because i have soft skills classes which is compulsory to attend in order to graduate . And still i have 7 more classes to attend to.

I just come across a blog and i'm lovin it. It's sis hana fedora's . She blog from uk and she's doing her Phd in her mid 20's. Coolio..Such an inspiration. Deep down I really want to pursue my studies into another level. The highest as possible as it could be. But..ehem...I want to start fullfilling my dream and passion in culinary industry. I am nowhere to begin with, especially this is a hands on learning skill and experience that i must obtain from the beginning.

I have to start from the very bottom and scratch in order to pursue my callings. Taking diploma. I'm planning on that right after finishing my degree.

I admit that I did not do much cooking or baking back at home. I barely bake a cake. The last time I bake was when I am 21 . It was last year when I'm on my semseter break. I did make chocolate muffin and it was success despite of the off taste. It's still a stepping stone for me and I cherished what I've done. And I did try new recipe and most of them was just an average. Some turn out okay some was just bluewkk..It's like a science experiment..

For what I'm certain cooking and baking is what I like to do the most and something so soothing and I am so into it. I am way than an expert per say. There is way too much that I still don't know and I'm really looking forward to do so..

So..I'm trying to the best in my degree right now. Finished it up smoothly & enjoying every last minute in this "mad science world"..

Goooo Hannah!!!
Let's met in 5 years to come,
Chef Hannah Haykhall.

Quoting from Hana Fedora's : Life is too short to not to work hard. her word struck me and makes me ponder oh how I've spent my life. How hard have I really put to achieve my dreams. I admit, I was never the type of girl that really struggle on something.

I have to make a change. Really.

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