Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Note to myself.

 "because we are pleaser. We are much more stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Don't ever forget that"
Someone told me that (you know who you are!!). And it come to my sense. All of them is true. I face pitfall and what so bad nasty thing just happend this morning. Sometimes, we are much more stronger than we have even realize.

What I did was gather back all my spirit. Writting back what I lost. And going to send it to my lecturer tomorrow. I know, I had already lost a couple of marks becaue of overdue. But so what??? Atleast I didn't terjun to uni tasik. LOL. God forbid.

Surprisingly, I pretty much handle it cool-ly...hahahaha...

what an eventful event.

Okaylah, need to finish up all the thesis matter. Thanks for those who secretly pray for me. I know, I'm stronger now and didn't back off when 'tornado' srtikes me.

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