Monday, June 27, 2011

*Currently Playing: The way you look tonight, Sir Elton John*


White Tee and a pair of jeans
That's how you look last night
Saw you from a distance
And never dare to stare you back

It' s been a while since I first saw you
Glad that you are still the same
Yeah and I'm still the same too
And my eyes still sets on you, only you

In the corner of my eyes
I saw you staring back in my direction
Was I dreaming or it's for real
Or it's just my imagination

The pathetic side of me saying
"Keep on dreaming loser"
While the angelic side of me said
"You'll look cute together"

The real thing is that
We will never be together
We didn't know each other
And we are stranger
At heart

And if we ever cross each other path someday
I hope you'll say hi to me
Because I've wait long enough being the invincible girl


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