Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random #1

*Currently Playing : Edge of Seventeen, Lindsay Lohan*

Now that i'm free as a white dove,
I felt so madly crazy don't what to do..
The emptiness that can drive you a lil bit craaazy (crazy).

It's the matter of time,
I blog when my mind in a state of:


If I somehow busy as bee (someday) , don't worry you'll never heard me ranting nonsense here.So, please pray that someday in future I'd be busy as bee and forget that I have a blog. I mean being busy as bee=  productive.

Yeah, I wanna be madly busy so that I can forget all little-messy-corrupted- thinking-insecure that i had all the time. It's a about  learning letting go.

I wanna do everything out of love. I have to learn to giving out, instead of receiving. Reciprocally.Be more expressive. Show affection towards the one I love. Before it's too late...

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