Sunday, September 18, 2011

Single Girl

*Currently Playing: Single Girls, Laura Jansen*  #favourite

Dedicate untuk gadis single.Sahaja. Untuk kak erine, this song is not for you because you are happily taken ..hahahah~ 

I think you´d like my new hair
I cut it when you weren´t there
That pieces of us everywhere
Were falling down

My bed is now a girl´s bed
Pink flowers under my head
And pillows on your side instead
Of you

´Cause that´s what single girls do
Don´t think about you

I´m reading books on meditation
Praying for my heart´s salvation
I´ve got the motivation
To be a free girl now

I´ve gone drinking with the guy down the hall
Put up a new color on my bare walls
I´m so damn busy
After all

Cause that´s what single girls do
Don´t think about you

I keep trying
I keep trying
To make my way back to the light where I belong
But God keeps lying
God keeps lying
Saying this is for the best and nothing here is wrong

But I"m still thinking about you

I think you´d like my new hair
I cut it like I didn´t care
That pieces of me everywhere
Were falling down

One more glass of wine
Before I turn off the lights
This time I´ll be fine
I´ll be fine
I´ll be fine


Anonymous said...

but still, i want to hear.

love this songs.

we really have similarities in music genre i guess.

i am happily taken but still single since the boyfriend is living so far away from me. so i still looks like single ladies :(

Anonymous said...

add me on facebook.

Nurazreen Roslan or

i really want to know in in person.

or you can drop your email here, and i'll add u up later, hannah :)

Hannah Haykhall said...

haha~ooo single but taken..hiks

glad that you like this song~yeay!

kak, dah email tadi..sila check account anda..

malangnya, i didn't have fb..sobs sobs sobs~

Anonymous said...

okie dookie.. tq hannah..

kagum lah hannah takde acount FB.

what makes you didnt have one? i thought having FB account is now a neccesity?

Hannah Haykhall said...

i think i fall in love with blog, and then eventually left fb..hahaha~