Monday, October 3, 2011

This is for you------->Partner in Crime

Hey soul sister, i know i know right now you might freaked out a lil bit. Thinking what will really come out on your paper for the next four days..

Chill okay..

You can do it. I've witnessed how diligent you are with your studies. And you deserve to get all A's. 8 A's.

Good luck in your PMR tomorrow!!!!! (4,5,6,10 October)

PMR je kot..hahaha..

Take a deep breath, clear your mind and everythings going to be fine.After this we can go gaga..haha..

I'll be here praying for you and you gotta work all out okay. Take it or leave it.


Anonymous said...

Xde class ke? Awal-awal hari dah post entri? :D


Hannah Haykhall said...

hey pakcik..

saja ponteng kelas..sebab tu boleh online pagi pagi..haha~

Anonymous said...


Ape hal la plak pg ponteng clas?
Adoi.. Macik, org dah add contact kt skype. Sila tgk~

Hannah Haykhall said...

you know celcom broadband right?
line here tak laju, so i cannot online skype..
grrrr..booo celcom!!!
why want to skype suddenly???

Anonymous said...

What? Ada kna mngena ke broadband speed dgn skype? @___@
Sbb juz add on skype at my pc opis!