Monday, November 28, 2011


Now, i can clearly remember. The exact feelings of yesterday. Emm, not so yesterday. Those feelings I've experienced in the past and not worth remembering. At all. This has nothing to do with a relationship and whatnot and all. No-no. It's just me, fyi.

Shoot la. You know, the things not worth any penny , and it just creeping silently inside my mind now and says 'hi'. Effin not  fun. As much as I'd love to stay true and positive and bubbly and sweet, i hate to just to think of the possibility. Of life. I hate what i'm doing now, and hell no there's nothing I can do to change. I'm powerless. I'm chickened out.

Yeah, just accept the fact that you are so afraid of taking chances, young heart. I hate for everyone around me would question my belief. They are violent. And they kill you without you even knowing. I have a heart of a paper thin, and afraid they will tear me up. I'm so fragile that you could break me up helplessly.Those are one of my biggest fear.

Of yesterday, how  I'd wish i was so strong back then. Stand tall no matter what happens. Unshakable. And not in a million times, i could be that person . It will always be, a young naive girl who'd always please everyone around her, and fake a smile.

No worry, I'm okay. And always will be. When it comes to find your 'mojo' and 'pick up your shattered pieces of precious hearts', it's every man for himself. Yeah, I gotta be my own knight in shining armour. And hell yes, I'm my No.1 advocate now.

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